Pipe Gangs of New York By Irish Briar Pipeworks




The “Westies”
Chamber 3/4″- Depth 1.25″- Height 1- 5/8″ Length 5.25″- Weight 1.0 Oz
Italian Briar with Ebonite Stem.

“Five Points”
3/4″ Chamber- 1.25″ Depth- 1.5″ Height- Length 5.5″- Weight 1.4 Oz.
Italian Briar with Ebonite Stem.

“Winter Hill”
Italian Briar with Ebonite Stem. Weight 0.7 Oz
3/4″ Chamber- 1.25″ Depth- Height 1.5″- 5.25″ Length

The “Bowery”
Chamber 7/8″- Depth 1.25″- Length 5.25″- Height 1.5″
Italian Briar- Ebonite Stem.



Weekly Round Up: 10.17 ~ 10.23

All Sparrows Sing Songs But Not All The Songs Sung Are The Same


I Met and Old Friend Today

The Lizard Man Ate It Defense

Winter Nights ~ Samhainn; Ancestral Bear European Folk~Heritage Explained, Correctly by Scott Carlson

Paradigms and the Simple Man



The Warrior Spirit:

Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Justice

All Sparrows Sing Songs But Not All The Songs Sung Are The Same


It is my desire that I had the ability to write this in Ancient Celtic, Icelandic, Norse, especially Old High-German (Dutch being the closest witness to thee), how great expressionist languages all of these however, contemporary US ~ English is the tool that was born to me, so it must be.

Some will craft tales based on deja vu, others will tell you it is Old Souls communicating through. Yet, for what occurred this morning none of these will suffice as the basis of my explanation to you. Idiosyncratic, yes, yes, that is the word I choose to describe what it is Our Gods and Goddesses in Nature, arranged for me to see, adequate enough for me to render my interpretation to thee!

This morning I was treated to a sparrow singing a song atop an evergreen, its uppermost point, as a spear tip thrust into the wild blue sky to sit.

All sparrows sing songs but not all the songs sung are the same, this one it seemed arranged just for me. I looked at Sister Sparrow, she looked at me, a good twenty minutes to the world I was lost as she continued on for at least fifteen more, this time frame I cannot be sure, her song, Our Gods and Goddesses gave her, Pan played his flute, with great honour it was sung. ‘Twas not her songs of warning, loss, pain nor mourning, but, to great satisfaction on greeting the new days sun, this glorious Autumn morning begun!

When her song had stopped, back into the world I found myself, she had vanished without a flutter not even a soulful wisp, much as it had all begun. Still I stood looking at the empty evergreen spear tip against the great blue sky, all was quiet, not even a distant redtail hawks cry carried across the mountains or the valley’s sky.

Across the way, on The Sacred White Birch Mórríghan arrived, The Goddess of The Crimson Flow perched, the world fell silent before Our Queen, she had something to say. It was not her shrieking above a bloodied field of battle or caw she gave, no it was her gentle coo and rattle, soothing as with the song of vanished Lady Sparrow, today is today, carry on not with grief nor life stealing pains or sorrow for ‘morrow is the ‘morrow, covered with her shadow, in it tears of joy ne’er mind the sorrows.

So it is Our Gods and Goddesses gave me to start my day, as I wish for you great joy very little sorrow, the message from Mórríghan upon her Sacred White Birch and Her Lady Sparrow.


*Photo Source: Used with permission(s) (c) Eva Weggelaar ~ Paradise Is This Way

I Met and Old Friend Today

I met and Old Friend today for a Cup of Coffee.
The waitstaff, patrons two tables down, called him old and stinky.
He has traveled with me for years,
he has seen the laughter, witnessed the tears.
Through the heat and the cold, sun rain and snow
together we grew, stinky and old.
I met and Old Friend today for a Cup of Coffee,
my Ol’ Tobacco Pipe.


The Lizard Man Ate It Defense

“Long-range flights, save time and fuel by flying towards the poles rather than a direct straight line (going against the headwinds).  This is due to the curvature of The (Round) Earth and its rotation.” ~ Tyr Morrighan


I was going to leave the flat-earthers alone however they have become dangerous to The Folk, those who might have otherwise returned to the Path of The Ancients, The Ancestors of Blood and Bone, Nature and Magic, Our Gods and Goddesses.

If the earth was a ‘flat earth’ think of it like a sheet cake, for the size of the surface area on top, it would require exponentially greater supporting structure underneath, think expanding rectangle in a downward visual. The material would by necessity have to be composed of materials stronger than the Earth’s Crust-Core as we know it.

Now, compound the geo-physics problems by adding Massive ‘Devil Tower’ gargantuan trees, Man’s Atomic explosions-under ground nuke testing, earthquakes, and, we should sheetcakeearthhave proof of whole chunks of the Earth just breaking off as a child sneaking in the kitchen breaking off pieces of the sheet cake without his mother knowing. When she enters the kitchen would she not notice chunks of her sheet cake missing? Is the child going to use the Lizard Man Defense?

Since Nature and The Universe Love Order, Man is Chaos, why are there no other flat-surface celestial bodies? Expanded squares and rectangles flying about everywheres?

Now ask yourself, without deploying the Lizard Men Defense, Qui bono the injection of ‘flat-earth’ and other such related matters into The Folk Movements? Into those restoring Pre-christian Europe, Our European Heritage, Culture, Gods-Goddesses and Magic, Spirituality?

The answer is simple, the very same Abrahamic Cults, Finance-Security Systems, that infect Folk Revival, Peoples, not just in Europe but all across the Round Earth, with their sand-demon Universalist doctrine.

Go ahead, have your ‘Flat-Earth’ and eat it too.



Winter Nights ~ Samhainn; Ancestral Bear European Folk~Heritage Explained, Correctly by Scott Carlson

Our Ancestral Bear hath hibernated this long ‘Winter Night‘. Now, She Awakens, Awakens ‘Reborn’ with Cubs and Ravenous.  ~Týr Mórríghan

Norse / Germanic … “Winter Nights

Ancient Gaul / Gaelic / Celt … “Samhainn” / “Samhain” (Scottish / Irish Gaelic respectively) … “Winter Nights”


We recently began our “Winter Nights” (plural) celebration with a family sumbl (‘sumbl’ = Old Norse: ‘banquet’), followed by an Álfa-blót. This was the beginning of the ‘Winter”, the ‘dark half’ the ‘Father’s time’ of the year.


But, we are approaching, as well, Samhainn. Which one to say, takes a ‘back seat’ (in a way) to why you say it… Do you know why you say either? Or should?


Both the mid-October family sumbl and Álfa-blót, and Samhainn occur for the same reason (fall harvest, end of “Mother’s time” / “light half” of the year, thinning of the veil, dreams and divination, connection to and communion with our ancestors).


When I was a christian, before doing research into history and what the ‘bible’ actually says, and before I stopped making excuses for judeo-christianity, I had coined a term, “anything but God”.

When christianity forced our ancestors to convert they manipulated our days of celebration and times of year into single calendar days and then re-assigned their meanings and who, what, why they were for.

That said, we do see a paganism, wiccan, etc., that wants to be pagan because it’s “anything but God”. In other words, there are people who are calling themselves ‘pagan’, just so they don’t have to belong to an Abrahamic cult. However, they then take the original Pagan celebrations, which lasted for more than one day, and back-fill the christian-ness of the day onto the Pagan name for it. So, you end up with a Pagan name to the day, but the day is celebrated as defined by christianity. But, hey, at least they are not a christian right? WRONG. They are catholic, which means universal. ~Scott Carlson


The word “Samhainn” and “Samhna” mean ‘November’

oidhche Shamhna means “Hallowe’en [“oidhche = night; as in 1 night]

— “Oidhche” means “night”

— Alvissmol stanza 29-30:

(29) “Thor spake: … What call they the night …?”

(30) “Alvis Spake: … kalla grímu ginnregin.”

The beginning (first) ruling Gods (powers) call (kalla grímu ginnregin) “night” by the word “grímu”; AND “Oðin” is called “Grim” (“night”).

Oidhche = Night; Oþinn (Oðin) = Night

— video (above begins at 12:50 time-mark):


“November” means 9th month (from March), Latin “novem” means ‘nine’.

9 was / is a sacred number in our ancestral beliefs.


Climates varying across Europe and Scandinavia means that sowing time (in what we call Spring), reaping time (in what we call Autumn), would have fluctuated slightly … but Nature’s cycle would be the constant; as well as the constellations, the moon cycles, and the 2 yule (solstice: wheel turning) celebrations would have been the constants. In Nature, Our ancestral Bear is the cycle, the pattern followed … the 9 month cycles, the reason for “Winter Nights” and “Samhainn”, not the single, manipulated, day under the head of christianity, but what it meant anciently, ancestrally. ~Scott Carlson


Samhainn means 9th cycle (named on Roman calendar as “Novem”. Oidhche is added to make it a one night modification).

The “ber” at the end of 4 Latin month names of September, October, November, December:

If you look to etymology is says “is probably from -bris, an adjectival suffix.”

That word … “probably” is highly doubtful, when you see things in the NATURal cycles of our ancestral Bear (which christianity attempted to destroy and exterminate)


1) Majstång: Midsummer Yule; The month of “July” retains this name (Jól / Jul / Hweolor-tid: an alternative Norse name for Yuletide. It literally means the “turning time”. — 2 per year, Midsummer and Midwinter, “light half” and “dark half”, “Mother’s time” and “Father’s time”.

— this is mating season for our ancestral European Bear.


2) 9 months from the Majstång is Ostara, what we call March today. It was labeled as the 1st month of the Roman calendar. It begins “Mother’s time”, the “light half”, the time of new birth (re-birth).

— this is when our ancestral European Bear comes out of Hibernation.


One 9 month cycle of our Bear ends.


Another begins; the 9 month cycle of Oðin’s “Wild Hunt”:

3) the beginning of “Mother’s time”, when the “Wild Hunt” is taking place, men are in the background (hunting, tracking, exploring, avenging, etc), women (mothers and maidens) are tending to Mother Earth, becoming ‘grounded’, etc


4) the 9th month from Ostara, (the 1st month, what we call “March”) is Samhainn (Novem) the 9th month.


— this is when our ancestral Bear has entered (or is entering) hibernation. This is the culmination of the “Wild Hunt”. This is the “dark half”, “Father’s time”. Men are providing food from the hunt(s) and, following the cycle of our Bear, the Women are completing their first trimester. After a summer of working with Mother Nature and being grounded with positive energies, the quietness and darkness of the season, the calmness that permeates “Winter Nights” allows dreams and divination: this calmness and positive energies are what is NEEDED for this to take place.

The second 9 month cycle of our Bear ends with Our Bear being carried-in as a sacrifice as he/she offered itself for the survival of the Folk (self, one-self greater). Old English, it was Blotmonað (literally “blood-month”). This is depicted in constellations as well, when the hunter/hero brings in the Great Bear (Ursa Major).


Another 9 month cycle begins:


9 months from Samhainn (Novem – ber / 9 – ber) takes us through the remaining ‘Winter Nights’, another wheel-turning time, (a Midwinter Yule), through the end of “Father’s time”, the “dark-time”, through Ostara, and ends at Majstång.

2 Yules (turnings of the wheel) giving us a duality of Nature: light and dark; heat and cold; feminine and masculine; birth, life and sacrifice, death.

2 changes of that duality within those halves (one in each): making transitions between Feminine and Masculine times (“Mother’s time” and “Father’s time”), where the one who brings in the season then takes a secondary role within the season; BUT both roles are inter-dependant upon the other and the bringing in of the next transition.

What we have is 3 (a sacred number) cycles (and three seasons) of 9 (another sacred number) — all based on the cycle of our ancestral European Bear and occurring with 13 (another sacred number) moon cycles, of which the moon itself has a 9 year cycle.


The “ber” at the end of Septem (7th), Octo (8th), Novem (9th), and Decem (10th):

means “Bear”, and our Bear would have been at the forefront of everyone’s mind during these sacred “Winter Nights”.


German “Ber” means “bear”


Old Norse:

“Bera” (f.): ‘she bear’ (same word as ‘to bear’)

“Ber-serkr (m.): ‘Bear shirt’ – Oðin warriors, hunters, heroes (Einherjar)

“Bersi” (see also Bessi) (m.): ‘he-bear’ (comes from (f.) ‘Bera’)


Scottish Gaelic:

“Beir” means “bear” (to bear); take hold of, catch

(see link below for more)

7th, 8th, and 9th months, a final trimester with “Bear” as the suffix. Did you know that it is common for some Germanic women to ‘bear’ their young for 10 months before birthing (the 10th – ber = Deci – bear). December also begins the celebration of Yule where there is an (Anglo Saxon) “ærre-geola” and “æftera-geola”, the former and the latter Yule,” (or before and after ‘Yule’); “geohol” being connected to the Old Norse “hjul”: a wheel


Again, what do we see during Samhainn — “Father’s time”, “dark time”, “blood-month”?

The hunter/ hero is “bearing” our “Bear” to the sacrifice (blood month)

So, if during “Winter Nights” you want to say “Happy Samhainn”, it is like saying “Happy 9th”, “Happy Novem-bear”, “Happy blood-month”.


To make it a one day event, when it clearly is not, well then, you have ‘your’ “anything but god” celebration just as it was delivered to you by the Roman Catholics and defined by christianity.


(From above) Oðin’s family tree:


Another ‘Bear’ writing:


‘Bear’ videos:




Image Source: “Scottish Gaelic – English / English – Scottish Gaelic Dictionary”
by R.W. Renton & J.A. MacDonald
Original was published in Glasgow in 1979, third printing was in 1996